Thomas Paine wrote “these are the times that try men’s soul.” Do you feel that way? Are these times trying your soul? Perhaps you feel very empty. Maybe you feel you have lost God, or your church, or your soul. A deep emptiness allows for a great infilling from the God. Perhaps God is active, but you need someone to help you see this activity.

It can be difficult to find someone with whom you can talk about your spiritual experiences, share your longing for “more” of the Divine, or explore the everyday mysteries of sacredness. Spiritual direction offers this type of listening and guided conversation. Kim’s longing is to help you enjoy the freedom to encounter God as deeply as you wish too.

Kim believes at our core, we are built for community, for service, and for God’s presence. As Angela Reed writes, “Today, as much as ever, we need to step alongside one another and help each other press the pause button on our activities, so that we may open up to the God who wants to renew us. This is the vision of spiritual direction.” (Spiritual Companioning: A Guide to Protestant theology and practice, 2015, p. 56.)

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is spiritual in that it looks for the Spirit’s presence and activity in all of life, and it is direction in the way that the director comes alongside the other who seeks GOD’s direction for life (Angela H. Reed, p. 54).

Kim Denyes

After a strong career with Prudential Financial, Kim left the corporate ladder behind, believing God was inviting her to something more. When she resigned, she did not know what that more would be. Initially the more was giving her time to those who did not have time. Then, one day summer day, someone asked, “What is it you really want to do?” Kim’s answer centered around connecting people to deeper aspects of God. “Have you thought about becoming a Spiritual Director?”

This question and its answer served as the calling of God. Kim simultaneously entered Moravian Theological Seminary, spiritual direction, and Oasis Spiritual Direction training program. She now holds a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies, two certificates in Spiritual Direction, and was award the Faculty Prize upon graduation from the Seminary. Her master’s thesis brought together the Babylonian exile and the healing power of community around non-life giving attachments. The thesis resulted in the creation of a 13-week leader’s guide. The guide is based on the Group Spiritual Direction model lead by a seasoned spiritual director. Kim believes deeply in the spiritual gifts that come into being as part of spiritual direction work. She works with individuals, couples, and group as part of her spiritual direction calling.

Kim grew up in a minister’s home. When she was a child, her parents planted a church in Fridley, Minnesota. This church now has multiple campuses and several thousand people attending. She grew up reading the Scriptures, praying, listening, learning. All of this created a deep well of knowledge and love for the biblical text. She knows first-hand that ministers do not have enough time or space to meet all the needs of the congregation. She believes when a church and its pastor engage in spiritual direction, all are called into God’s plan for the church, its people, and the community. One of her callings is to bring spiritual direction into a church or parish.

Kim is married to Tom Johnson, and together they make their home in Easton, Pennsylvania. In addition to her Master’s degree, she holds a BA in English Literature from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota.