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This is the first in the series on the Old Testament, and gives you an overview of what the series will discuss, and Kim’s insights as it relates to Spiritual Direction.
In this video, the second of a series, we explore some of the themes and learnings from the ancient stories in the Old Testament. Link:
With this third video, we meet Abraham and Sarah. At the age of 75 and 65, God calls them to leave all that is comfortable and familiar, and follow God. Your life may have some similarities to these beloved followers of God. Link:
This is the fourth in the series and discusses the search for Isaac’s wife, and subsequent marriage. Link:
The fifth in the series on the Old testament is about the marriage of Isaac and the birth of his two sons, Jacob and Essau. Link:
This video, the sixth in our series on the Old Testament, discusses how Jacob is renamed and becomes the father to the twelve tribes. Link:
Number seven in our Old Testament journey, this video begins the story of Joseph and talks about his relationship with his father and brothers. Link:
This video, number eight in our series, discusses the time in Joseph’s life he spent in prison, and how he later rises to great responsibility in Pharaoh’s kingdom. Link:
Number nine in the series on the Old Testament, we see what happens when Joseph meets his brothers after many years. Link:
Next in the series are two episodes that talk about the book of Job, and how God and Satan discuss his faith.
This is the second in the series on Job. Here we meet Job’s comforters, and God arrives.