God uses dirt in some outlandish ways.  Really.  For example, from the very first chapters of the Bible, God uses dirt to creates Adam.  Then, Adam and Eve’s first home is a garden, which depends on good dirt.  This first home is rooted in dirt, thrives in dirt, and even produces food that has fed on the dirt. Perhaps God knows somethings about dirt that we could apply to our lives.  In the Gospels, Jesus takes a bit of dirt, spits on it, applies it to a man’s blind eyes, and while our hygienic sensibilities are appalled by this act, the man’s eyes are healed.  What if the dirty bits of life are a place of holiness, a place where God and you meet?  What if the dirt is holy ground to God?  What if the very thing you want to hide is the way God longs to heal you?   God’s ways are not our ways.  Yet, we do, at some level, think God is like us.  Surely God would agree with the saying, “Don’t hang out your dirty laundry.”  Maybe not.  God might say, let’s wash this laundry together, in some river or journey that you don’t think will make it clean.  You see, if God uses all of our lives in this journey of transformation, then we do well to let God use it all.  Let God use the dirt, the messy bits, even the parts of life that don’t reflect well on God (God can take it), as well our mistakes, our imperfections, and our sins.   What if all that dirt is what God longs to use in some wonderful outlandish way in your journey to freedom?  Come, understand dirt in a new way; come see dirt as a holy element in your life.