One of the many biblical passages read as Christians start Holy Week, is from Philippians 2:7-9.  As I was opening my heart to the season, a sentence from the eighth verse nudged me.  “Jesus was obedient unto the point of death, even the death of the cross.”  Death by use of the cross’s torture was known to Jesus and his Jewish community.  Thousands were killed using this inhuman process.  His obedience, his setting aside his personal comforts and obeying is deeply humbling – as the text reveals. 

What is the invitation to you and to me from Jesus’ obedience?  To date, following Christ has not required obedience unto death of my physical body.  How about the invitation to not judge another? Or obedience unto abundance for another to seek the God of their understanding?  Obedience unto loving yourself and growing self-compassion?  Or obedience unto physical health as you listen to the cries of your body?  Or obedience unto spiritual health as you live into truth that brings freedom? 

Here is a suggestion for your heart:  Quietly sit with God, invite the Holy to nudge your being as you listen for the rest of the sentence:  May I be obedient unto _______, Lord.  You may wish to do this spiritual exercise once a week for six weeks and listen into the freedom and abundance of God’s expansive love as you deepen into obedience.