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Practice Steadfastness

Practice Steadfastness In the book of Psalms, the phrase “steadfast love” is used over 120 times.  What do you notice about the term steadfast love?  Where does it settle within your body, your heart, your soul?  Linger there with God and this beautiful term – steadfast love.  God’s steadfast love for you.  As you are, […]

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Practice Detachment

Practice Detachment   God appears to value detachment from how “everyone else lives.”  A call to detach from non-life-giving ways, appears throughout the Biblical text.  God’s call over and over to the sons and daughters of Abraham, was to detach from idolatry and come into a life-giving relationship with God.  Detachment is not the path […]

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Practice Truth

Practice Truth In the Gospel of Thomas, found in the Nag Hammadi desert in 1945, there is an exchange between Jesus and his students.  The students sound like they are longing for transformation when they ask Jesus, “Do you want us to fast?  How shall we pray?  Should we give offerings?  From what foods must […]

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