Prayer is a popular theme right now.  People needing prayer, people encouraging prayer, people calling us to pray.  I know prayer may change things, and I also know that prayer sometimes changes nothing.  My life is rooted in the first half of that sentence, so I pray. 

There are many requests on social media to pray for our essential workers, our leaders, the ones who are sick, and the ones who are grieving a loss of a loved one.  Important topics to hold up to God.  Lots of prayers are being offered for those folks, and this is wonderful. 

My heart is wondering about those dear souls who might also need our prayers that go unnoticed.  I invite you to consider who might need your prayers, who might have no one praying for them. Let me stir your imagination with some suggestions:


People who suffer from anxiety

Small business owners                        


Those in abusive situations                  

Handy men and women

Restaurant owners and workers                             

Pregnant women and partners

Those without hope                            

Those who are deeply lonely




Trash Haulers

People whose dreams are dying

Families without income                     

Children without food

The least of those in our world and society. 

And what if you selected one of those listed above and prayed for them.  I mean really prayed for them.  I am calling you to set a timer for five minutes, sit quietly (or with a peaceful song playing for those to whom silence is distracting) with God, and hold your select group to God.  No words.  No requests.  Just quietly holding them with God, to God, and with yours and God’s great love.  And what if you did this everyday for a week?  Then next week, select another group.  And continue until you feel like you are done.  What do you notice? 

If today you hear God’s voice, hardened not your heart.