How we live reflects what we know and believe about life and God.  If or when you take apart your life and your responses to it, you will arrive at the foundational belief about who God is in your life.  Taking your life to a spiritual director, and together putting your spiritual life under a microscope for a deep long look will reveal connections to the Holy you may have otherwise missed. 

It is said that how we do one thing – we do everything. 

Let’s consider how I do something I don’t like, which for me is grocery shopping.  My goal is getting out of the store as quickly as I can.  So, with a list in hand, an understanding of where the needed items are in the store, and deep desire to not forgot anything nor to zigzag around, I start.  Most things I dislike I do in a very similar way – fast, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and if I don’t watch it – I do it without being present to the moment.

Now, when the work is enjoyable, say baking with a grandson, I do in fact tend to work in a similar way.  I still want our time to be efficient, but my desire changes, from doing it quickly, to ensuring he enjoys the process of creating something delicious.  With that desire in mind, I still make a list of baking ingredients we need, make sure the tools are clean and ready for our use, and pick out an appropriate recipe for our co-creation.  All with a longing for our time together to be enjoyable with a side of efficiency.  How I do one thing, I do most things.

What happens when we look at how we “do God”?  Maybe you can tell by my two examples above, I tend to be organized in my doing.  The same is true of my life with God as well.  I plan for time with God.  Like my baking time with a grandson, I value this time and effort too much to not be ready.  Most mornings, I begin with time with God.  No emails, newsfeeds, or chit-chat.  I love quietly easing into this time with maybe writing, reading, listening, and talking to the One.  I make sure my pen, bible, notebook, and coffee cup are ready for me.  I make sure my mind is clear and my heart receptive to the God of my understanding.  I make sure I am ready, just as I did for the grocery store and for baking. 

So how do you do life?  And then how do you do God?  Is it also true for you that how you do one thing you do most things?  Is there something in your life creating a call to “do God” in a new way?   Perhaps in exploring that new way, a spiritual director can be invited into your relationship with God.  Consider reaching out to one.