Practice:  I KNOW

In a small group of believers, two women wept together as a third member shared a stunning insight around Jesus words to his students, when they asked Jesus how they should live.  For several months, these two women had been praying and listening around Jesus’ answer.  “Stop lying. Do not do what you hate, because everything here lies open before heaven.  Nothing hidden will remain secret, for the veil will be stripped away from all that lies concealed behind it” (Gospel of Thomas, 6).

As tears flowed, one of the woman whispered, “I know; I know; I know.”  The deep comfort those two words yielded truly had to be directly from God.  Imagine God whispering to you and your situation, “I know.”  The great I AM gently saying, “I know.  I know the grief of your hearts.  I know the deep concern.  I know you are afraid.  I know your journey.  I know.”

What might happen in your life when God takes a loving look at you and quietly says, “I know; I know; I know.”  Where in your body, or heart, or mind do those two words soak into?  Gently, quietly, with an ease of one who cares for you, God does says, I know; I know; I know.