Gardeners know not all seeds will germinate.  Frequently, spiritual teachings, insightful quotes, and even Biblical texts are referred to as “seeds.”  These words are tossed out into hearts and minds with the hope of bringing forth new awareness within the hearer.  Why don’t some seeds germinate?  Well, that seemed like something “Google-able.”  The number one reason a seed does not germinate: water.[1]  Seeds imbibe water, which means they drink water.  As they drink water, they expand, and the food supplies within that little seed become active.  This activity expands and multiplies the cells within the seed creating internal pressure.  This pressure cracks open the hard external casing of the seed.  And the first bit to grow: the root.  After the root has established, the seedling pushes up in search of sunlight. 

What if we are more like seeds than we know?  How might it be to drink the living water which Jesus called himself, and feel your spiritual cells expand to the point of cracking open any part of you that no longer serves Love?  Maybe it is hate, hardness of heart, unforgiveness, or anything that separates you from God and from Love that can be cracked by this living water.  Where do we find this water?  The easiest path is the path of prayer.  Quietly being with yourself and God is prayer.  We are built to do spirituality in connection and community with others who seek what we seek.  Certainly, a spiritual director is part of the living water.  Reading, writing, creating, walking, being in nature all are part of the living water that your soul will drink in.  You too are built to drink, to have your spiritual cells expanded to the point of transformation.

Seeds, like our souls, contain new life.  What is within the seed, and us, is what feeds the world.  But first, our hard edges and outer shell must be cracked open.