How are your spirits?  Funny question.  But a fitting one for our times.  How are your spirits?    

Maybe your life has become unfamiliar to you.  And your spirits?  Well, you could use a bit of direction there.  You might be lost in a new wilderness.  A wilderness where the God who you love and know, doesn’t fit quite right. 

Over 30 times in the New Testament, we are instructed to “one anothering.”  There is healing in conversation between one another, there is a joint lifting of burdens with one another, and there is the presence of God when two are gathered in God’s name. 

Might you need a spiritual intensive care?  A time set apart to focus on your spiritual life.  Strength it.  Listen to it.  Care for it. 

This offering is a five-day spiritual direction intensive care of your spirit.  Each day, you and I gather, via a virtual platform or face-to-face, to listen for God’s voice in your life.  You bring what your urgent and important longings are, and together we with God and Holy Spirit, stay curious about God’s path in your life. 

We will meet each day for 60 minutes.  A bit of homework may be assigned between days.  And you will be encouraged to engage in your spiritual practices with a bit more regularity.   

This offering might be for someone in an important time of discernment, someone in pain – emotional, physical, spiritual, or someone in a muck of their own making.  Perhaps you have lost your way.  You were walking with God and now, you look around and cannot locate the God of your understanding.  Come as you are and be met by God.  Right there.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me at