What do your reactions reveal to you about your ability to trust in God? 

Please notice this invitation is to look inward, to look at what you reveal to you.  Too often in Christian circles the concern is the exterior position.  Do you follow the purity code with little concern about the inner life?  Jesus’ teachings are genuinely concerned with the inner thoughts, inner heart space, the inner work of the Holy Spirit.

So again, what do your reactions reveal to you about your trust in God?  This is a hard mirror to look into as you may see extreme agitation of your mind, heart, emotions during the times in which we are living and dying.  However, might you open your eyes to see where God is calling you to holy ground.  Holy ground is rarely about peaceful rivers.  Rather holy ground is about paradox.  Paradox consists of contradiction, irony, even absurdity.  It is as Moses saw a bush burning that is not consumed.  It is holding peace as you walk a hospital corridor waiting for a good word.  It is going deeper in God during deafening noise, intense hurry, violent crowds, as well as the muchness and manyness of our age.[1]

As you look at your reactions and see where you are not living nor trusting as you say you believe, what is the paradox that you are invited to hold?  What might be burning in front of you and not being consumed?  What have you lost and yet you are still holding on to?  What needs to be removed as you stand on holy ground? 

[1] Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline: the path to spiritual growth, (1978: San Fran:  HarperCollins), p. 13.